Openning new Center of Excellence, Hyderabad

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We operate in the service sector which is essentially a knowledge economy. Acquiring the right talent at the right time is key to succeed in this operating environment. Objective of this service is help our customers meet their hiring demands and enhance workforce productivity.

We bring global insight and and best practices into resource hiring ensuring optimum return on investment in human capital. Our Team is well experienced, exceptionally talented and equipped with the right set of tools and processes to deliver on the commitment consistently.

General Challenges

  • Timely acquisition of talent
  • Reduce talent attrition
  • Staffing plan - Permanent vs Contract vs Budget
  • The right fit on the soft skill - emotional, behavioural and cultural

What we provide:

We are one stop for all staffing needs to fill permanent positions or contract. We also undertake skill or domain training and development programs.

Business Value

  • Approach is strategic instead of transactional
  • Talent acquisition is planned with the view career enrichment instead of solely cost
  • Our deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in today's competitive market
  • Long term engagement and relationship driven business model