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Product - Web & Mobile Development

Our Product Development offering includes solutions, services and products spanning the complete product development lifecycle, from ideation through design to development followed by end-to-end testing, and deployment into production.

General Challenges to Product Development

  • Development of innovative products while adapting to new technology trends
  • Introduction of new products within shorter time frames
  • Need for rapid evaluation of product designs through virtual prototyping
  • Adherance to regulatory requirements and industry standards
  • Optimization of product performance and reduced product development costs

What we provide:

Product Design: Our Product Design Solutions help customers in the following:
  • Conceptualization:Product ideation, converting marketing requirements into product concepts, product styling or applying packaging criteria
  • Preliminary Design & Wireframe: Feasibility studies, use of various techniques to optimize and validate designs, value engineering and virtual simulation
  • Detailed Design: Expertise across Banking and Financial domains is leveraged upon for modeling, simulation and actual implementation for the components, subsystems or complete products

Business Value:

  • Improved innovation and product management
  • Reduced product development cycle time and cost
  • Increased profitability and market share
  • Enhanced product performance and functionalities
  • Quicker response to market changes