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System Integration

In today's market conditions, enterprise increasingly relies on accurate, reliable and timely data as well as quick processing of transaction - end to end. The level of complexity further increases when 3rd party is involved.

We understand system integration, consolidation and standardization are the key to your enterprise success. An enterprise or a group of enterprise(s) with multiple or fragmented IT system(s) can result in reduced straight through process (STP) rates, contribute to operational challenges impacting customer service, breed inefficiency, affect staff morale and overall decrease productivity.

Let our experience and expertise transform your enterprise into one streamlined and optimally-functional entity.

General Challenges

  • Integrating multiple IT systems that cater to different functions, departments and stages in product lifecycles
  • Lower straight through processing rates
  • Unavailability of the right amount of data at the right time to the right people
  • Disparate and non-interoperable technology stacks
  • High replacement cost of legacy system

What we provide:

The right tools, methodologies and templates for your enterprise’s needs, combined with world-class knowledge and experience in architecting and designing bridges between systems.

Business Value

  • Access "data without bondaries" [data in real-time and in the right view]
  • Accelerated processing of end-to-end transaction
  • Meet service level agreements and improve customer satisfaction
  • Remove bottlenecks to realizing your full revenue potential