Architecture and System Re-Engineering

Architecture Transformation and System Re-engineering is the most “critical” IT decision that an organization takes and commits to, one that potentially requires a full executive back up to justify it with a business case to support the capital expense undertaking while taking the organization into the “build” mode.

It’s is also one of the usual activities that gets postponed for a very long time for obvious reason. However, for a multitude of reasons, an organization can no longer postpone it. Listed are a few:
  • Service level issues starts to threaten the business
  • IT Operating Cost overrunning the Operating profit of the business
  • Break down of Interoperability of different departments
  • Reduced Agility resulting in high cost and time to market

  • General Challenges

    • Not applying the right amount of Art and Science aspects of Enterprise Architecture (EA)
    • Not leveraging latest EA framework, methodologies, reference libraries

    What we provide:

    Enterprise Solutions is structured and designed to improve your operational efficiency and help your business transformation, empowering you to take advantage of emerging opportunities and market changes rapidly. From IT strategy and transformation to enterprise-wide software applications, we optimize technology and business processes.