Support Program

In today's market, having a great product gives you a good head start but does not guarantee sustained success. A customer centric application support program is mandatory to ensure longevity of a product and sustained customer product adoption and satisfaction. With competition looking for an opportunity to attract your customer, a poorly supported product usually makes a good business case to migrate.

We define Support Program as a "critical" program run with "every customer counts" mandate and with the primary objective to protect our customers investment after having invested in product development and implementation, IT infrastructure, sales cycles, customer acquisition and set up.

General Challenges

  • Insufficent domain knowledge with the application support team
  • Deficient Support model with process gaps leading to confusion on roles and responsibilities
  • Ineffective communication leading to customer dissatisfaction
  • IT bottleneck prevents realization of full revenue potential

What we provide:

We deliver enterprise class application support program leveraging our rich expertise in establishing global support program for mission critical applications. It includes:
  • Working with you to establish effective Support Program that meets your customer needs integrated into your IT Service model
  • Build and deploy and onshore/offshore model support for maximum cost benefit
  • L1 Level:Build a team of excellent communication skils with extensive training on the application to provide a functional and operational interface to your customer
  • L2 Level:Build a team of sound technical individuals with high level of domain knowledge fully equipped to handle P1 - P5
  • Execute the program under "Every customer counts" mandate
  • Work with the you to establish SLA(s) and KPI(s) that guarantees customer satisfaction
  • Continuous Improvement: Resolve defects and work with your Development team on build and release
  • Product OptimizationPerformance improvement
  • Build Release Management: Helping you seggregate and establish distinct roles & responsibilities between a development and support team
  • System maintenance & monitoring: Establish periodic system maintenance schedule, Service pack and patch releases, monitoring various parameters and escalate
  • Feedback of pain points into the product development team based on inputs from customers
  • Incident Management Tool: We can either plug in into your incident management tool or use our own

Business value:

  • Provide longevity to your product
  • Cost effective support program
  • Protect your investment
  • Safeguard against customer attrition